Filesharing without limits

Shappy is a desktop app that lets you share files directly from your computer to anyone with a browser.

No uploads, no size limits and no cost. She is one hell of a pidgeon.

Simply drag and drop ...

I'm sure it is...

...the file or folder over the icon and Shappy will make it accessible via a link

Shappy creates...

It's a nice little popup ain't it?

...a link between the file or folder and the url which you can send to anyone.

Share it any way you want: email, chat, or perhaps a handwritten letter by carrier pidgeon? We don't discriminate.

When someone visits...

Chrome, firefox and even... Safari!

...your link, Shappy will establish a private connection between only you and the downloader.

No need to upload anything to third-party servers. Which means that Shappy (much like Jon Snow) knows nothing about the contents of your files.

And finally the best part: All you need to download - is a browser.

Awesome, come join the beta team!

Shappy is only starting to develop her superpowers, we are therefore a bit selective of whom we let her meet. Let us know where we can reach you and we'll send you a beta invite!

🎉 Thank you!

Thank you for signing up! As soon as we get ready for a new batch of beta users we will let you know.

In the meantime, we would love to hear your thoughts on filesharing: